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We are collaborative, versatile and creative media team that provides a full end-to-end Audio Visual equipment hire solutions; taking you from initial creative concepts right through stage setup, lighting and sounds.

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We stock the latest Audio Visual equipment technology backed by audio visual professionals

Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

--Robert Weiss

Event Video Production

Event Video Production
Conference Filming
Event Live Streaming
Event Photography

Our corporate video production crew has worked with companies of all size and shapes. We’re eager and ready to engage and build a connection with your target audience by sharing your unique story with them, that what makes you the best in your field .


Sets and Staging

Scenic Staging
Creative Set Design
Truss & Lighting
LED Floor Stage

We’ll help you design, set up, build, and manage your scenic staging to streamline this highly technical process for you. As leaders in the staging business, our team has years of experience and can pull off impressive technical feats that align with your vision.

Animation Showreel

PA & Sound System

Portables PA Systems
Conference Sound System
Exhibition PA Systems.

Impress your audience with symphonic sound and stunning visuals through our cutting-edge AV equipment, designs, and technical expertise, leaving them wanting more. Hire PA systems and sounds system for any event or occasion, we have experience with general events ranging from indoor and outdoor to conferences and exhibitions.



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