LED Screens

Specialise in custom built screens includes flexible options with curving screens, as well as short and long term rental. We use the latest and most reliable LED technology and have a team of highly experienced technicians and engineers which ensures a brilliant end result.

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We offer a wide range of LED walls and screens, all of these screens are perfect for exhibitions and events and fit in to all modular framing systems.

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is do simple, that’s why it is so complicated

--Paul Rand

Rental Screens

Corporate Meeting
Business Conference
Leadership Summit
Product Launches

LED screen rental is the ideal solution for events, exhibitions and trade show as they are seamless and use the latest technology which makes them a fitting choice for a bright image grabbing the audiences attention. They are perfect for the event as they are seamless and use the latest technology

Retail Signage

In Store LED Screens
Retail Signage Pods
Experiential Marketing
LED Floor Systems

Your shop window is your frontline in generating increased retail traffic. Exploding into life with LED technology, imagine the possibilities to enhance your first point of customer contact and turn into something far more compelling.

Indoor/Outdoor Signage

Retail Digital Signage
LED Ceiling Solutions
Store Window Screens


Our solution is to provide you with the perfect platform on which to display informative and entertaining content. This is the ideal way to showcase your brand and increase customer satisfaction with an engaging retail experience.



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